Building a 'killer coursefinder'

Killer Course Finder from Jadu on Vimeo.

This is a presentation I delivered at CISG 2010 in Brighton, and Online Information 2010 in London late last year. This was my first foray into public speaking and I had an absolute blast and received some great feedback from the attendees. This session covers Coursefinder, probably the project I’m personally most proud of, and is about 50% what’s been done so far, and 50% what I’d love to do next. (I do go on a bit of a rant at 16 minutes in).

A university course finder is a phenomenally important tool, the internet makes it possible for a prospective student to evaluate courses from an array of Universities from the comfort of their bedroom, perhaps without ordering a printed prospectus
…perhaps without putting on trousers

Big thanks to the guys and girls at Jadu for the speaking opportunity and for producing the video.

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