My year in moblogs

As you may know, I run a small niche social site called homeofmuppets, the main feature of the site is the moblog which has been around since 2005 or so. This site has, over the years, become a photo record of my life, as it’s built around the friends that I know and love in real life, we use the site to share our experiences around the world, and it’s amazing to walk back through the years and remember these moments.

This year has been one of massive change and random moments so I thought I’d highlight some of the high points. Rather than sit here and write, I thought I’d let the moblogs do the bulk of the talking.

[![January - We started the year as we ended it, with lots and lots of snow](]( - We started the year as we ended it, with lots and lots of snow
[![](]( - We celebrated 200 episodes of the podcast with a mammoth live stream from The Barn
[![](]( - We met a dood from Boyzone
[![](]( - I finally made the switch!
[![](]( - We reunited with old friends from Toronto and Belgium
[![](]( - I married the love of my life
[![](]( - we became parents-to-be
[![](]( - I did my first conference speaking gig
[![](]( - I rocked a tux at my first black-tie dinner
[![](]( - At the ripe old age of 29, we got our first car!
[![](]( - The snow & ice descended to usher out 2010
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