Playing with the Lumix LX3

On June 10th I married the love of my life, and as a truly superb wedding present, she bought me a shiny new Lumix LX3 digital camera which I’ve been getting to grips with over the past few weeks.

The last digital camera I owned was a Canon Ixus 40 which was a nifty little thing but wasn’t much more than a regular point & shoot. The LX3 is still a compact, but is nestled at the top end and is about as high as you’d want before making the leap to a DSLR.

The look and feel is gorgeous, the metal body has a retro feel to it and it’s got a wide angle Leica lens which can shoot in a few different formats, my favourite is definitely the 16:9. The one downside is that there’s a very small zoom on the lens which is only useful for framing, other than that, I’m a big fan so I thought I’d share some sample shots I took before the wedding and on the honeymoon. All of these are unedited and straight from the camera.

I definitely prefer portrait photography to be in black & white and the LX3 has a very nice dynamic B&W mode which ups the contrast for a more moody shot.


Nat on the London Underground




There’s tons of settings to mess about with the exposure, as well as the ability to shoot in RAW mode to capture all that detail. this 10mp long exposure is best viewed LARGE!

Singapore at night

Colour reproduction is great, and very accurate to the scene


And the macro mode is fantastic for those close ups



All in all, I love the camera and I’m hoping to take it with me quite often to capture some great shots. I might even invest some money as you can trick it out quite a bit with accessories!

Lumix LX3 fully loaded

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