Project52 fail

So at the start of the year I pledged my allegiance to the #p52 movement and aimed to write 1 new blog post per week for a year.

I failed.

So this is where I recant multiple excuses to explain my failure. While I got off to a good start with some posts that generated a fair number of comments everything seems to be happening at once and the amount of ‘free’ time I can devote to writing has all but vanished into thin air for a short while. As well as some new projects coming my way in my ‘day job’ which I’ve been working flat-out on for a couple of weeks I’ve also started to dip my toe back into the freelance waters and have been working on a couple of small projects on an evening as well as off bits of wedding planning here and there and the odd job interview to mix things up a bit leaving very little time to blog. Plus (and I know @garyvee might disagree) there’s 24, Lost and a whole host of other fine television programming which demand my attention.

I do plan on, and want to write regularly but once a week just doesn’t seem sustainable for a whole year, life and work will invariably get in the way. I’d rather take the time to write posts than crack out half-assed ones every week. So I’m handing in my #p52 membership card and commemorative plate and will be writing when I can from now on.

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