Nurturing my pet projects

I’ve been dabbling in web design and development for 10 years now, and for as long as I can remember I’ve had one or more pet projects on the go. At the start of the year I decided that I’d like to devote some more of my personal time to these pet projects, whether that means playing with some of the newest toys like HTML5 and CSS3, or simply finishing writing some long-neglected functionality to improve the project as a whole.

I sometimes struggle with the common problem of finding time to devote to pet projects, making sure I don’t neglect my day-job or my fiancée and while some people may advocate working until the early hours of the morning, it’s not an option for everyone (and I like my sleep), but as Elliot said recently: “A pet project is for life, not just for Christmas

So, for my second #p52 blog, I thought I’d write a little about the pet projects I currently have on the go and list some of the immediate goals for each which I hope to achieve in the next few weeks. I decided to cut some straggling projects loose and concentrate on two, for now.

I’m in the middle of a complete redesign of my personal site — including this blog — in an effort to consolidate some of the contrasting elements I have here & there. The new site will have a portfolio section which features some of my work in a more detailed way than on my CV.

Goals for Jan/Feb

  • Complete and release the new design
  • Continue with Project52

This is my long-term pet project. Created in 2001 this site revolves around a small group of friends from various parts of the world and still chugs along despite the rise of social networking sites over the past few years, albeit in a stripped-down form. Last year I started a rebuild of the codebase in the CakePHP framework, and it’s still missing some core functionality.

Goals for Jan/Feb

  • Implement OAuth based user login/registration
  • Finish the design rollout

What about you?

Are you nurturing any pet projects? What techniques do you use to make sure you’re devoting enough time to them and not neglecting them? Hit the comment box below and let me know!

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