The best quotes from FOWA

This years Future of Web Apps conference was an absolute blast, I’m hoping to give a full write up of my experience, but for now, here’s a list of my favourite quotes from the two days.

Stop thinking you understand your users.
Kevin Rose

Don’t build anything you don’t need for launch.
Mike McDerment

jQuery is like cocaine. One line will get you hooked.
Dustin Diaz

Metaprogramming is like trying to do crack cocaine responsibly.
Dustin Diaz

The web is too important to be owned by one vendor.
Bruce Lawson on Canvas vs. Flash

The great thing about standards is that there’s so many of them.
Aza Raskin on the number of OpenID providers

Marketing is the cancer on the nutsack of creativity.
Alex Hunter

Look after your users’ best interest, not yours.
Alex Hunter

If you keep pounding someone, they will come.
Gary Vaynerchuck

Customer service is not a fucking little “feedback” link in the corner of your website!
Gary Vaynerchuck

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