Deliciously Timed Tweets

What is it?

Deliciously Timed Tweets (or DTT for short) is a collection of API’s which allow you to bookmark links in Delicious, and then automatically tweet them at a specified time interval.

What’s the point?

Delicious does already allow you to tweet your bookmarked links, the only problem is that this can result in Twitter spam if you bookmark lots of links in quick succession. DTT queues up your recent bookmarks, and allows you to specify a rate (say, every 60 minutes) for them to be tweeted at.

DTT powers the @boaglinks twitter feed.

What do I need?

  • PHP 4+ with cURL support
  • MySQL
  • Access to cron
  • A Delicious account and some bookmarks.

How do I get it?

Git : git clone

Zip :

Tar :

How do I install it?

  1. Grab the source from any of the locations above and extract/upload it to a location on your own server
  2. Modify config.php with your own details
  3. CHMOD install.php to 755
  4. Visit the install.php file in your browser (

The default setting is for DTT to sync with delicious every hour, and new bookmarks will be tweeted out at a an rate of 1 per hour.


Officially, this is provided “as is” and is an unsupported script, however I’ll endeavour to provide support for anyone who does have problems but I can’t promise anything!

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